Lily & Piper | …since we declared a climate emergency
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…since we declared a climate emergency

…since we declared a climate emergency


A few months ago we made a declaration that the entire business design be rethought in the context of a Climate Emergency. This included a commitment to Carbon Neutrality before 2022 with realistic interim milestones along the journey including science based targets.

Our Declaration committed us to reshape the short, medium and long-term strategy and business model of the company, and that embraced the principles of ‘just transition’ which took into account people who will be implicated in this Declaration.

We sought to maximise the interests of all stakeholders – shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers – in the context of a total commitment to doing what is required by the Climate Emergency.

To this end we have reimagined our business model and we are sharing our story.

1/ We changed our business model to remain committed to work with business that has purpose and intention for positive social and environmental change and to help them articulate this

2/ We have developed an ongoing strategy to communicate the emergency we face to deliver this through our social media channels.

3/ We will strive to reduce our footprint through decentralised working and carbon offset necessary travel. We have signed up with a conferencing facility to run meetings remotely as often as possible.

4/ We have established to focus on positive change events such as run – an event for impact investors and to continue incubating and empowering businesses that are purpose driven with our marketing and communications expertise.

If you are interested in joining us in this declaration please sign up at