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Review Copies of ‘No White Lies’ – Now Available

Review Copies of ‘No White Lies’ – Now Available

We are offering select review copies of No White Lies, a newly released, independently published book that weaves an intelligent dissection of the post-truth era into a gripping, fast-paced political thriller. It’s a story that will leave you wondering if author Dan Eaton has hit upon the real reason we have arrived in the troubling world in which we now find ourselves.

The recent New Zealand mosque shootings showed no corner of the world is safe, and Dan Eaton explains why. Once you have read this novel you will find it incredible to learn it was completed before the terrorist attacks that shattered New Zealand’s image as one of the safest places on earth. Perhaps Eaton’s career in foreign intelligence and journalism is what has allowed him to imagine a world that must have frightened even the author himself.

No White Lies  is a new and chillingly plausible take on the intelligence failure that led the US and its allies to war in Iraq, and ignited the global terror of ISIS that followed.

The political drama in Eaton’s novel is so cleverly interwoven with the personal story of a father’s relationship with his young daughter that it achieves something few writers can lay claim to—a thriller that is as terrifying as it is heart breaking.
Reader praise for No White Lies

“A visceral psychological thriller that is as utterly terrifying as it is personal and heartbreaking. It pushed all the right buttons” – Louise Roberts

“Flings you through Baghdad war zones to underground Paris, from a far flung remote New Zealand lakeside resort to a Manhattan landfill … so easy to visually grasp as you read, you sometimes will be sickened to your core.” – ColmaineViews


“Another thought provoking reminder in this day and age of the line between the media reporting the story and creating it.” – E. Sim


“It’s terribly real. The articulation of the weird tension between being a journalist wanting something dramatic to occur and a human concerned about the consequences of events beyond one’s control is brilliant.” – Penny Macdonald


“No White Lies kidnapped me for 24 hours. The tension is so quietly built, the language so elegantly economic, and the New Zealand landscape so beautifully drawn, that I experienced a kind of Stockholm syndrome when it was finally time to return to the real world.” – Amazon reviewer


About the Author:

Dan Eaton has travelled extensively, covering social issues, politics, terrorism, conflict, and disasters as a journalist and in foreign intelligence. He was raised in the Middle East by his missionary parents, and his decade of work following university was as a foreign correspondent in Southeast Asia for major news agencies Agence France-Presse and Reuters. Today he lives in Wellington, New Zealand with his wife and two children. He has written two books, the award winning The Secret Gospel and more recently No White Lies.

Eaton’s first novel The Secret Gospel was shortlisted in the Rethink Press New Novels competition in 2014 and a quarterfinalist in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

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