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New Things

We have just launched our new pivot and with it comes an up to date capture of what we are doing via this blog.

In the future, there will be digital layers of information overlaying everything in your real life that is taking us from being an event company into immersive reality. These supplementary layers will be able to enhance your daily life in ways that we can’t even comprehend right now.

Upon waking up in the morning, you might see transport and news information available to you on your dining room table and upon reaching the office, interactive 3D meeting content displayed for you and your colleagues.

We imagine a world with augmented reality, and in the future mixed reality, where  people will be able to improve reality. With the integration of AI and geolocation, we could improve people’s safety by keeping users informed through real-time data if they are in an unsafe location and provide them with an alternative route or safety precautions to take.

According to Gartner and other research firms Augmented Reality has survived the hype and is fast becoming part of our daily lives. Pokemon Go and Snapchat have brought AR to the mainstream and validated what was promised. We are still in the early stages with three important enabling technologies on the horizon:

  1. Truly Mobile web AR
  2. 5G internet
  3. Smart vision glasses

If you want to learn about this medium of engagement which has passed novelty and now should be an integral part of driving sales and enhancing consumer experience, or if you are looking to visualise a product in an innovative way then get in touch.

We’d love to talk through the potential of this with you. Augmented Reality is magic, but straightforward. It’s not something that needs to be expensive as the technology has entered mainstream, and if implemented correctly can leverage PR opportunities as well as increase sales. It’s also a great differentiator if you are looking to stand out against others in your field.

We can show use cases in education, training and instructions, tourism, product visualisation – the list is endless. For us, it’s of most interest to engage with companies that are open to this new technology, even if it’s as simple as augmenting a business card to dip a toe in the water, with the understanding that this is something that is heading to be a natural communication tool in the near future.

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