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The Small Cap Club is a regular networking event for investors, advisers and participants in the smaller quoted sector on AIM and ISDX. It culminates in an annual set of industry awards we inaugurated five years ago (The Small Cap Awards). For details on how to register visit

Over the years we have built up leading specialist networks in the UK. We've captured audiences in the equity community, impact investing, built a dynamic fast growth entrepreneur club and a network for facilitators and individuals bringing inbound investment into the UK. Some of these are below:



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The Fast Growth Entrepreneurs Club was  described as one of London's leading networking clubs of this kind by Moneymaker Magazine. It was designed for entrepreneurs of fast growth businesses to  meet face to face and was free to attend although registration required approval. It was sponsored by Santander and we built a network of 1000 leading SME entrepreneurs from 2012-2014.


We co-founded  the Impact Investor Club with London's Social Stock Exchange two years ago. The club has built up to 3000 members and as impact investing merges with mainstream investing is becoming very dynamic. The world of investing has changed and it's not all just purely about profit; although there's no shame in having this as a goal.



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