Lily & Piper | Lily and Piper Joins Business Declares A Climate Emergency
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Lily and Piper Joins Business Declares A Climate Emergency

Lily and Piper Joins Business Declares A Climate Emergency

Business Declares Network:
A community of businesses who have declared a climate emergency

23 August 2019

As business leaders we declare a climate and ecological emergency.

We commit to tell the truth on the climate and ecological emergency, and to inspire urgent action and debate.

We celebrate and support all the companies who declare and want to inspire others on this path.

We use our influence to engage business leaders, who want to understand what it means to declare and we challenge them to set their own targets and actions.

We position ourselves as challengers and urge faster action than Paris agreement as called for by studentscentral bankerspolicy makers, and leaders in culture, architects, doctors and engineers.

What is the aim of Business Declares Network?

To encourage and enable as many businesses as possible formally to declare a climate and ecological emergency and to act accordingly,
The Business Declares Network has three objectives:

Network. We support a network of business leaders who are united in their public declaration of the climate emergency.

Resources. We provide resources to help businesses set and deliver upon their Climate Emergency Plans.

Events. We convene business leaders and provide an opportunity to learn, share and support one another.

How do you join?

The aim of Business Declares is to support business in declaring a climate and ecological emergency and taking purposeful action to meet science-based targets

You can join initially as a business supporter, whilst you are in discussion internally within your business about the declaration – please contact us at
[email protected]