Lily & Piper | ICO 101 for the City
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ICO 101 for the City

If you work in the City and have not heard of, nor completely understand ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), it’s okay. We have spoken to informed and intelligent people from our network who work in the City but for whom the word ICO has not filtered down to yet. They are too busy dealing with IPOs. It’s no mistake both words sound similar however.

We strongly recommend though that you put any prejudice toward crypto currency aside and take a listen, or at least do your own research and quickly get up to speed on what is being coined the new ‘digital goldrush’. This new process of fundraising in the tech startup community, ICOs,  is disrupting the venture capital market and has become the buzzword for 2017 in the same way blockchain was for last year.

If you would like to do some face-to-face networking and ask direct questions on the topic we are offering the opportunity for you to join us on 4th October for a breakfast event we are hosting in London. It’s an ICO 101 for the City and hosted in partnership with Nex Exchange and Hamlins LLP.

The aim is to talk about where this whole new phenomenon is going, how regulation is likely to work in the UK and what the opportunities are for traditional advisers and investors.

For more information on how to attend visit our Small Cap Network here

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